Monday, August 22, 2011

iPhone 5 Home Button With [Screenshot]

Another photo leaked over web showing Wintek manufacturing iPhone 5 touchscreens with an elongated home button.

ifon 5
You may ask, how do we know these are Wintek workers? Well, someone replied to the original tweet on Sina Microblog, saying that this pic should be taken in the Wintek’s touchscreen plant. We believe that, since Foxconn will not ever leak a pic like this. We are not 100% sure this pic is taken in Wintek, but at least we can tell you that it’s not from Foxconn. Anyway, it looks like the next iPhone will be very interesting… Just imagine — gesture home button.
The photo was published on Sina Microblog the Chinese twitter-like service. Previous rumors showed case diagrams of the iPhone 5 shows an ovaloid home button.
ifon 5 2


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