Monday, August 22, 2011

iPhone 5 New Camera, Battery And Audio Flex Cable With [ Screenshots ]

Previously we confirmed that iPhone 5 will be released very soon. A lot of rumors increased nowadays about it, and huge number of posts released with the leaked parts of iPhone 5.
According to tvc-mall we collected the images released there for the new battery, camera and audio flex cable of iPhone 5. See the images after the jump.

The specifications on the iPhone 5 battery shows 3.7 V and 5.3 while the iPhone 4 part shows 3.7 V and 5.25

The camera seems to have an embedded camera flash, and there were rumors that iPhone 5's camera is separated from the camera module, or that the iPhone 5 may even get dual LED flash. Let's wait and see how will it be? 

The Audio Jack Flex Cable looks so different from the existing GSM and CDMA parts.


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