Tuesday, November 29, 2011

iFakeSiri Allows You To Create Your Custom Conversation With Siri

Well, iFakeSiri is an amazing app which allows you to make custom conversation with Siri. As you know, Siri can't give answers for all questions, so iFakeSiri has solved this issue as you can make your custom conversation with Siri by adding any question and give your suitable answer. See the example below after the jump.

iFakeSiri is an online web based service that enables you to create a conversation between you and Siri. As shown above, we made a custom conversation with Siri asking about which site has the latest jailbreak news and the answer was Greenpois0n.us :) .

If you want to create your favor or custom conversation. Just head to iFakeSiri official web site then click on create conversation and enjoy creating any conversation you like.

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