Saturday, November 12, 2011

Siri Sold To Apple With $200 Million Deal

Siri is one of smartest technology we have ever see over last months. it is a personal assistant application for the iOS software. Till now it is available on iPhone 4S only. Today we have learned the history of siri. Like most of the iOS Apple products Siri isn't invented in Cupertino, where Apple’s main campus is. It was sold to the company on a price of $200 million. This deal was said to be a rumor but now the truth has been completely revealed and it fully true.

Siri was invented by a 44 year old Norwegian Dag Kittlaus.  Dag Kittlaus was the co-founder of siri who became an instant millionaire after selling his invention to Apple. He said that he received a phone call from Apple and it was none other then Steve Jobs himself. He said that he want a possible acquisition of Kittlaus’ team and their Siri technology.
On this statement Kittlaus said that it was a great moment for him when Steve Jobs called and wanted to buy his company. When he heard that it was him, he knew his team had made it big. In advance, they were pretty confident that the technology they had developed was so startling that we would get such a breakthrough. Steve was the first caller. Kittlaus spent 18 months working with Apple before leaving the company in October. He said that the iPhone-makers at Apple were not working for money or profit. They just wish to create fantastic products.

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