Thursday, December 8, 2011

How To Make Your Favorite Coffee With One Touch On Your iPhone Or iPad Screen [ Video ]

Series of strange and amazing things concerning with iPhone. Now you can make your favorite coffee with just a tab from your iPhone. New amazing coffee machine called TopBrewer now gives you the ability to make a cup of coffee with only one tab on you screen- button of your idevice.

This news popped up in a post by the popular news blog Mashable which elaborated some of it’s features. This latest machine TopBrewer has been introduced as a modern but useful machine that comes with a nice stainless steel tap and can fit on any tabletop with 2 holes required for the tap and it’s drain. To save space on the top, brewing is done under the counter’s surface.

What’s so strange yet interesting is that TopBrewer’s iOS app will connect to the machine and enable it to give you different options of drinks to choose from and make it accordingly, on top of it, the app. updates you about the machine’s status.See the promo in this video.

The official website states :
Quickly connect to the machine and select from the available drinks – or have your own favorite coffee pre-programmed and dispense it just the way YOU like it.
The app gives you full control of the machine and displays status messages when woken up from standby till it’s ready to brew.

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