Friday, January 27, 2012

How To Change Siri Background With [ Video ]

Siri is one of the best techniques with iPhone 4S, it considered to be a breakthrough in mobile world. Some of Siri users are asking how to change Siri background windows ? The best answer for this question is with CustomSiriBackground. This new app lets you to change Siri background and put any photo you like with Siri. Let's check how to use CustomSiriBackground in the following guide after the jump.

How To Use CustomSiriBackground To Change Siri Background :

Step1- Download the tweak from cydia and then install on your iPhone 4S
Step2- Go to settings then open CustomSiriBackground tweak
Step3- For the option enable and fill screen to be switched to ON
Step4- Later, comes the window asking to pick image from and you can choose “photo library or Camera to capture at the instance”
Step5- In the details menu for custom siri background you will read a note [ iOS5 only, not compatible with the iPad. And yes it works with spire as well ]
Watch the trailer video :