Thursday, January 26, 2012

How To Install iPhone Apps On Your iPad [ Video ]

Without any doubt iPad has made a revolution and breakthrough in technology and in electronic field. iPad was introduced back in 2010 and gained great iPad runs the same OS as iPhone and iPod Touch. But the main feature which iPad lacked was the stock Apps. However, a developer Ryan Petrich has successfully able to port the iPhone and iPod Touch’s stock Application to iPad.

 Developer said :

Installs the Clock, Compass, Calculator, Voice Memos, Stocks and Weather apps to your device.
Additional files from the Internet will be downloaded during the installation phase, which may take several minutes. You may want to connect your device to a power supply so it does not shut off during the installation. You will be required to reboot to complete the task. Be patient.
The native iPhone apps such as Calculator, Weather, Clock, Compass, Voice Memos and Stocks can easily run on iPad. The tweak is called belfry, and is very simple to use. During installation, it will install some files on your iPad and after that all the 6 iPhone Native apps will be shown on Home screen.

ًWatch the following video :

To install this tweak, Go to Cydia, Search for Belfry and install it on your device. It may take some while to install this software. Because it takes some time to download the stock apps. After installation of this tweak, you can configure these apps from settings. You can select