Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A new iConvert Scanner For Your iPad 2 & iPad With [ Video ]

Well, if you are afraid of losing your documents, photos and work notes, now you can save these documents and transform them into another form by trying BookStone solution. Let's check the solution after the jump.

The easy to use iConvert Scanner designed for the iPad lets you scan your hard copies to JPEG files directly to your tablet, giving you instant e-copies of your most important document.

iConvert scanner is a fast and easy way to convert old slides to high-resolution digital files before they fade and crack. The scanner consists of a sheet-fed document/photo reader with an iPad dock. All you need to do is download the iConvert scan app which is available on the app store for free, dock your iPad and start scanning.

The hardware supports 300 dpi high qualities scanning. It saves your scans in JPEG format so you can e-mail or print right away without having to convert the pictures. The pictures are saved in the tablet’s picture folder. The front feeder supports 2 inches to 8.5 inches scanning. It’s handy and can easily be carried around in your handbag wherever you go.

Check the video after the jump: