Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sony Will Release PlayStation 4 Very Soon [ Video ]

Well, a lot of news have spread these days concerning Sony and Microsoft. A lot of people who are interested in gaming world are asking every day " When will iPhone 4 and new Xbox will be released ". Keep reading to get the release date of both devices after the jump.

According to mvc:
Both the Xbox 360 successor AND a follow up to the PS3 will be shown at E3 2012.

The LA show tease will come as Wii U launch details are locked in – and should ensure no ground is lost between competing consoles.
According to the resources, It's been a while that Microsoft was planning for the next-gen xBox at E3 in 2012. And it's been a long time that Microsoft introduced its last console xBox 360. But it will be a surprise for the Sony's fan followers that Sony is going to release its PlayStation 4 so early. 
Different concepts have also been there about the new xBox and PS4. According to Techradar xBox 720 and Sony PlayStation 4 will have high-end specifications. 

Watch the following video :

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