Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GraviBoard Is Fully Compatible Now With iOS 5 [ Video ]

GraviBoard is considered to be a funny tweak for you idevices. It doesn't add a functionality to your devices but it gives you a new way to interact with your apps and screens. Graviboard is one of such jailbreak tweaks. It is by no means a new jailbreak tweak, a fact that can be vouched by anybody in the know-how of the jailbreaking community. What’s new however is the latest update it has got that makes it now fully compatible with IOS 5. Hit the jump to read more.

For those who have not come across Graviboard yet, it is essentially a jailbreak tweak that sort of does exactly what it’s name suggests, I.E adds zero gravity effects on the homescreen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Activated by customized pre-set gestures, watch as your app icons  and folders start to float around on your iOS 5 homescreen, as if suddenly transported to the surface of the moon.

As you see, Graviboard doesn't bring much functionality to iDevice, and it is used purely for the fun of it. It does however add this really cool gravity effect to your Springboard. You can even play around with your App Icons as they float around your screen as if in outer space. Circle, twirl or smash your icons together using Graviboard as your app icons swirl around on your screen. A very nice way to kill a moment or two.
Check This Video For Graviboard :
Graviboard has a setting menu that you can use to alter the gravitational effect as you like. It is also compatible with iOS 5. Graviboard also adds support for multi touch as well.
Graviboard is available for $2.99