Friday, February 17, 2012

Leaked Photos For iOS 5.1 GM

According to BlogDoiPhone, some screenshots have been released of the unreleased iOS 5.1 GM. The Portuguese guys were able to get a leaked copy of iOS 5.1 GM. As most of you know that Apple may release iOS 5.1 by March 9th along with the long awaited iPad 3. Anyway we will show you below screenshots of the leaked iOS 5.1 that show some new features of iOS 5.1.

This screenshot shows that iOS 5.1 bringing new permanent camera button on your LockScreen. You won't need to double click the Home button.

Currently, to open the Camera application without having to unlock your iPhone, you must double-tap the Home button to display the button for the camera (see details of this in our book Secrets of iOS 5 ). This is impractical and yet many people do not notice that this functionality exists.

Fortunately iOS 5.1 Apple will change this, leaving a permanently active camera icon on the screen locked. To take a picture, just slide your finger up the icon, making the camera screen appears.

This screenshots indicate that the upcoming iOS 5.1 GM will support Japanese langue on Siri.

Another point that we saw was the proof of the inclusion of the Japanese language in the languages supported by Siri, as previously suspected . Unfortunately, we also make sure that there will be this time we will have the support to the Portuguese .