Sunday, March 25, 2012

LG & Sharp Are Increasing Retina Display Production Of iPad

Well, The most important and truly component with the New iPad is gorgeous Retina Display. As is the case with any Apple product, the New iPad is rapidly being sold out in the 35 countries it is currently officially available in. With sales figures increasing, the production of
 units will obviously be increased. In order to capitalize on the New iPad's success, both LG Display and Sharp are speeding up the production of Retina Display panels for Apple's latest tablet.

It was reported earlier this year that Apple will chose three suppliers for production of Retina Display panels. These panels are produced by Samsung, LG Display and Sharp. Samsung was the first one to get it's panels out to Apple, while strictly following the guidelines Apple game them. The panels being manufactured by Sharp were having some production related issues, so Sharp could only ship 2.71 million units to Apple. Now, it seems like all of those issues have been resolved.

The Retina Display panel on Apple's third generation iPad is the most expensive component. One panel costs Apple $90, more than any other component on the tablet. That said, the Retina Display on New iPad is truly amazing. With 264 pixels per square inch, it becomes impossible for the human eye to distinguish a singular pixel.

DigiTimes reported earlier today that both LG Display and Sharp are about to speed up production of Retina Display panels. Currently Samsung is the largest panel supplier, but is back by shipments in small quantities by LG Display. The report says:

Sharp and LG Display both have begun small-volume shipments of flat panels for Apple’s new iPad recently after they had failed to meet the requirements previously. However, the supply of panels for the new iPad has improved recently, with LG Display and Sharp to ramp up their shipments in the second quarter, which will also result in a significant increase in shipments of the new iPads in the quarter and onwards, the sources indicated. 
With LG Display and Sharp speeding up production, the manufacturing of New iPad units will also gather pace. This pace is needed considering the New iPad just went on sale in an additional 25 countries yesterday.