Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Thickness Difference Between iPad 3 & iPad 2 Will Be 0.81 mm [ Screenshot ]

Well, The supposed case for the upcoming iPad 3 was measured to be 0.8 mm thicker than the iPad 2 reports Apple pro.
Using a digital caliper the iPad 2 rear shell has been measured to 8.69 mm thick while the leaked iPad 3 part measures 9.50 mm. So the thickness difference between both generations to be 0.81 mm. See the following image after the jump.

The image would appear to support other reports that the iPad 3 is somewhat larger. If real, the difference represents a rare backtracking on size for Apple, which is normally focused on making products thinner and lighter. Either way the device should be thinner than the iPad 1, which was 13.4mm and often criticized as too heavy to hold for extended amounts of time.
Apple today announced an iPad event for March 7th. The one confirmed fact of the new hardware is that it will use a much higher-resolution display, similar in pixel density to the screens used on the iPhone 4S and the iPod touch. Extra thickness may be needed to accommodate this and rumored features, such as LTE, better cameras, and a quad-core processor.