Sunday, April 1, 2012

Apple To Support iOS devices With 3D Camera

Without any doubt, Apple has achieved a big success with the highest quality camera on iPhone 4. Previously iPhone 4 camera is considered to be the best quality with Facebook witnesses. iPhone 4S carries Apple’s most powerful and smartest camera ever shipped by the fruit company. A recent report we got from reliable source that Apple indicates the company has developed a [ killer ] 3D imaging device. Read more after the jump.

According to the report the fruit company won't compromise on image quality at all. This 3D image capturing device will carry more colors and will still maintain currently available features like face recognition and “facial gestures recognition”. 3D cameras usually compromise on the image quality to but this ground breaking camera sensor will maintain Apple’s standards.

Additionally, the cameras will use advanced chrominance and luminance Sensors for superior color accuracy. And if that wasn’t enough, the new cameras will not only include facial recognition but also facial gesturing recognition. Intel discussed the coming 3D revolution back in 2010 and it appears that Apple wants to be one of the first to introduce this killer 3D camera.
There are more chunks attached to this amazing news, according to the report this new device is not going to iOS devices exclusive. The filed patent indicated that this camera may be introduced as a standalone camera  or an integrated camera, details regarding “where” and “in which” device this 3D camera will be introduced are scant.
The image sensing device may be hosted in various electronic devices including, but not limited to, digital cameras, personal computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile telephones, a standalone camera, or any other devices that can be configured to process image data.