Friday, April 6, 2012

Download Mobiola WebCamera To Use iPhone As WebCam On Your PC

Without any doubt, iPhone camera is one of the best cameras between all the Smart phones. So Apple presents a new app which will allow you to use  your iPhone camera as web cam on your pc. Mobiola WebCamera for iPhone is the best solution to sort out this problem. It lets you to use camera of your iOS gadget as a webcam with high quality recording display support and a very fine quality of audio recording via microphone. Moreover, this app enables you to use LED flash light which is compatible with both Mac OS as well as Windows. Download Mobiola for your iDevice from the links below after the jump.

You will be glad to know that this app facilitates you to connect and record real time display of your iPhone’s screen via USB cable and it helps you to connect and display yourself on Skype, windows live messenger, yahoo, AIM, ICQ and the list goes on.

[Guide] How to use Your iPhone as Webcam With Your PC :

Pre Requisites:
  1. An iPhone / iPod Touch 4G / iPad 2
  2. PC with ( Windows 7 / Mac OSx )
  3. Mobiola WebCamera for iPhone ( iTunes Link )
  4. Mobiola WebCamera for PC ( Download Here )
How it Works:
  1. Download and install Mobiola WebCamera on iPhone and your Desktop
  2. Connect your iPhone with PC using USB Cable.
  3. Run computer software for using your iPhone as a webcam for this, go to Options> Connect. Please make sure that your iPhone and PC are on the same Wi-Fi Network..

  1. Open Mobiola WebCamera App on your iPhone and follow the steps.
That’s it! You have successfully connected your iPhone as WebCamera. Now, you can have video chat on any Client such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo.