Sunday, April 15, 2012

Draw Your Password In Your Favorite Style With Stride Jailbreak Tweak [Video]

Well, Most of us dislike looking at the same iPhone password unlock screen when we mean to unlock out iPhone. This makes us long for something that would add that extra zing to the iPhone. Well this amazing new jailbreak tweak called Stride is sure going to appeal to your aesthetic senses.

Stride jailbreak tweak has been developed by the super cool jailbreak developer Adam Bell. The first impression that Stride gives is that considerable effort and skill has gone in for the creation of this jailbreak tweak. Because Stride really lets you unlock your iPhone in a cool fashion. And if you are an old video game fan, it might just bring some 8-bit nostalgia to you every time you pick up your iPhone.

So basically Stride lets you get rid of the PIN entry screen, where users enter their Passcodes to unlock their iPhone, and replaces that with a simple Grid where you can draw your password.
Yes you heard it right. You can draw your password instead of typing it. You obviously have to store a pattern first in the settings menu of Stride. You would be given a similar grid to draw a pattern that is saved in stride’s database, and when you draw the same pattern on the grid, Stride matches that with the pattern already stored in its database, and if it’s a match, your iPhone gets unlocked.
You still have the option to keep the Pin unlock feature as a backup incase you ever forget your unique unlock pattern. So no worries there. This also does not, in any way weaken the Stock Apple password system and just changes the way you interact to unlock your iPhone.

Watch The Video :

Compared to some other jailbreak tweak, Stride is priced a little more than your average jailbreak tweak, at $2.00 to be exact. But Stride jailbreak tweak is well worth it’s price and the developer really deserves this reward for his unique and refreshing jailbreak tweak. Look for stride in the Cydia BigBoss Repository.