Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How To Unlock Your iPhone Using AT&T Online ? [ Guide]

Well, before yesterday we have posted that AT&T will start unlocking off contract iPhone by 8th April. Now, the wait is finally over and we have also confirmed that this news was right. You can unlock your iPhone by going to AT&T store. If you don't like to go to AT&T so you can follow our step by step guide below to activate it via internet from your PC. But sometimes, their servers may be overloaded; in that case you will need to wait to unlock your iPhone. Normally, it takes about 10-20 minutes to unlock your iPhone. Check our guide here after the jump.

Remember : this is an IMEI unlock method which will not require to restore your iPhone, so you should not be worried about iOS updates.
How to use Online Chat to unlock your AT&T iPhone ?
  • 1st of all you will need to locate the IMEI number of your iPhone, it is written on the box, you can also find it in Settings> General > about
  • Now, Login to AT&T’s chat support page
  • Once you have successfully login, click on the “Chat Now” which is next to the “Technical Support”
  • Now, Fill the chat form and where it ask, “How may assist you today?” Write down “I want to unlock my iPhone”. That’s it! Now Click on “Start Chat”
  • In the chat you will need to explain the details about your iPhone, also mention the IMEI number of your iPhone which you noted in the first step.
  • After checking the details, if your device will be eligible for unlock, the representative will ask your Email address. Please give the correct Email address in order to prevent any problem. They will Email you with the details for Unlock procedure. However, this may take a week or more to fulfill the unlock procedure.