Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How To Use Your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad To Send Voice Mail Video Message [ Guide ]

It is known that iPhone is the most favourable device with the users. It represents a breakthrough in the world smartphones. One of the missing features on iPhone is that you can’t send video voice mail to your friends from your iPhone. FaceTime is also the amazing video calling service introduced by
Apple with the release of iOS 4 but still you can’t leave video messages to your friends from it. folks over OSXdaily have presented a tip which will allow you to send video voice mail to your friends. It’s not exactly the video voice but a kind of video message which can be sent over iMessage. Let's Check the guide below.

How to Send Video Voice mail Messages Via ( iPhone / iPod / iPad ) :

  • Launch camera app and record a video using the front facing camera.
  • After recording the video, tap on the thumbnail shown in the lower left corner of Camera.
  • Now, Tap on the Square arrow icon and select “send Message” or “Email”

  • Add the recipient address having Apple ID, if the receiver doesn’t have Apple ID, you can send the video via Email.
That’s it! In this way you can send Video messages from your iPhone. The length of video should be less than 30 minutes, If it is more than that, the size of video will be automatically reduced in turn effecting the quality of the video.