Monday, May 7, 2012

How To Install Siri With Full Function On All iDevices [ Video ]

Without any doubt Siri is one of the best tools which Apple has released. Siri is differ from voice command in other devices and the is no comparison between both tools. Siri is also a dream for all non-iPhone 4S users. The voice assistant added a glowing essence to both eyes and ears. Over the past six months, many iOS hackers and developers were working hard to install Siri on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1, 2, iPod touch 3G, 4G. Check the video guide below after the jump.

The well-now iPhone hacker, Grant Paul, was able to release the most stable application and the best solution for porting Siri on all non-iPhone 4S devices "except the iPad 3 as it isn’t jailbreakable so far". Unfortunately one of the issues is that Spire requires access to a purposely set up proxy server which consumes monthly fees.
21 year-old developer know as Rotastrain was able to make a solution for Spire to port fully functional Siri to iOS powered devices. The young developer created WordJelly Siri server which will provide you with Siri servers completely for free. Now you can follow the simple below steps on our video which will show you how to install Siri on your jailbroken iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 2, 1, iPod touch 3G and 4G.

How to install Siri ِAll iDevices :