Friday, May 18, 2012

How To Use Octopus To Get Ten Styles Of Keyboard On Your iPhone

Well, RIM presented Blackberry ten platform specifically designed for touch screen; this new OS was introduced with some cool features one of which was the predictive Keyboard. Do you want to have this keyboard on your iPhone which guesses words just before you type a single letter? This is your day; here you go for Octopus Keyboard.
Want to hear more about it? It facilitates you in typing pattern and makes it a way faster and easier than ever, as there is no more need of tapping every single letter for each of the words you want to have on your screen. This is in fact a jailbreak tweak, which initiates a magic spell to your local keyboard and induces it a power to predict the words which are circulating in your mind. Moreover, it supports both portrait and landscape modes without any lag and it provides you with more smooth and swift tying.

This is a not gainsaying fact that you would like to call it as the coolest of all jailbreak tweaks because it remembers every single word you type. It stores words in its local word database so that your regular and non-regular words both would be furnished before demand. What else you expect from a keyboard? Octopus Keyboard is specially designed which works on the principles of gestures. It also provides you with a better space and width in landscape mode to let you press the exact key you want to tap on. And currently, it supports a fewer languages like English of course French, Czech and Russian language.

No doubt, it is an as per demand thing but not ready to be grabbed as far as it is under developmental stage, developing under a well-known developer, Mario Hros. This idea was taken from Blackberry 10 styled keyboard no doubt but it would probably be out by next week with more exciting features.
CHeck this video for Octopus Keyboard :