Saturday, June 9, 2012

All iPhone 5 Rumors With Images And [ Video ]

Without any doubt, iPhone 5 is the most important event that we are waiting for. A lot of rumors have spread over webs, blogs and forums about iPhone 5 design, shape, concepts and features. So i decided to collect all iPhone 5 rumors in one post with screen shots and you can watch a video below showing iPhone 5 leaked parts but after the jump.

The first picture is an iPhone 5-Black- Front Shot, Side Shot, and Back Shot 

iPhone 5-White-Front Shot, Side Shot, and Back Shot

After additional research, the above renders have been slightly modified from our original mockups published last week. For the curious ones out there, both the antenna bands and the switches & buttons on the left were slightly shifted downward to match the design of the back.

Now here is an iPhone 5 in a black model  appeared to be black all around – a simple never-before design update seen on any of the previous iPhones out-of-the-box. This photos have been leaked by the folks at 9to5mac.
iPhone 5 – Black – Bezel

And here’s the back cover of the black iPhone 5 model:

Now here’s also another screenshot for the white back cover of the iPhone 5 model :

Now let us talk about the screen display..We all heard that the iPhone 5 will have a high resolution which makes watching video on the iPhone 5 looks great.. Check out this photos below and specially when browsing on Safari web browser:

And here’s when you browse on Safari.. How things will looks like:

Now let us go to the games section and see a quick photo comparison between the current iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5.. I have chosen the well known game Cut The Rope and here’s some photos shows what is the difference between each of them:

Finally I will leave you all with this video which contains all iPhone mocks ups in a few minutes, watch it and lemme know what do you feel ?
Watch the video :