Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fake Cydia On App Store

Without any doubt, Apple store is rich with thousands of apps and hundred of apps are hitting app store every day. It is known that Cydia is the biggest jailbreakers store which have thousands of apps along with app store. Today we found a new Cydia app on app store but it seems to be fake. Let's check new Cydia after the break.

Why don’t you try to open the App Store app and search for “Cydia” you will find an app have the same name of the official Cydia store and really you will be shocked for the first time when you see it All it has from the real Cydia is the name and an icon that strangely mimics the original one. But of course from the inside of the app it is totally difference as it is considered as a fake Cydia app.

As I said don’t expect to see the Cydia store where you will be able to install third party packages and tweaks, no of course :P .. This fake app is a very simply game where you play as a snake which eats Apple only nothing we explained a couple years ago:
Cydia is actually named after a moth. Cydia pomonella is the scientific name for the “coddling moth,” or what we would most likely recognize as the stereotypical apple worm.
And here’s the fake Cydia app description from the App Store:
Cydia funny and popular snake game you may remember from childhood. Its main character – a kind of caterpillar named Cydia. Collect all the apples and pass as many levels as you can.
Pay attention that this application is not related to Cydia Store. If someone has bought this application by mistake please get a refund.
This app made a lot of argument between Apple users.. So Saurik the father of Cydia decided to make a review for this fake app and notice people:

The fake Cydia app is available at the App Store for $0.99.