Monday, June 4, 2012

How To Remove Camera Button From LockScreen With " No Camera Grabber "

Well, one of the new features introduced in the iOS 5.1.1 was the ability to launch the camera application from the lockscreen. Known simply as the camera grabber feature, it makes it easy for the user to launch the camera app quickly and easily, without having to unlock your iPhone if the need arises take a quick picture. But practically, most users just don’t have the need for this feature. If you are one of those people then NoCameraGrabber jailbreak tweak would appeal to you.

NoCameraGrabber is a simple jailbreak tweak and does exactly what its name suggests. If you prefer a super clean lockscreen and just don’t want anything that you don’t use to be present on the lockscreen, then NoCameraGrabber jailbreak tweak can do that for you. And with a ton of jailbreak tweaks available for lockscreen customizations, it’s always nice to preserve the real estate of the lockscreen.
The camera grabber feature was also present in versions of the iOS below the iOS 5.1, and was toggled via double tapping the home button. So even if you are on an older version of the iOS, you can get rid of the camera button and even if you double tap the home button, it would not prompt you with the camera toggle.
Watch this tutorial 
Now obviously if you are a big camera user and the camera toggle button proves to be of great use to you, then NoCameraGrabber jailbreak tweak is not for you, but if it is more of nuisance for you them you should definitely check this tweak out.
You can download NoCameraGrabber from Cydia for free and try it on your jailbroken iPhone. The setup is fairly simple and there are no settings for you to mess with. That's all.