Saturday, June 2, 2012

How To Remove Dictation Without Deleting Siri [ Video ]

Well, really simple jailbreak tweaks have that sort of likability about them that just can’t be found in anything else. NoDictation is that sort of a jailbreak tweak. Because the voice recognition for diction is far from perfect, it is likely that you would have wanted to disable the diction feature without disabling Siri itself, seeing as diction is an extension of Siri. With the help of a jailbroken iPhone and the NoDictation jailbreak tweak, you can accomplish just that. Watch the video below for NoDication after the jump.

Siri is of course the personal voice assistant that intercepts and analyses your voice commands and then processes the required task for you on the iPhone 4s. Siri personal assistant was the single biggest feature of the iPhone 5 that was touted for the marketing of the iPhone 5. The dictation feature is toggled via the microphone button on the on-screen keyboard, and converts your voice into text on the iPhone 4S. That gives you an alternate way to typing on your iPhone.

If you find that you have rarely used this feature and it has proved to be more of a nuisance by being accidentally triggered whenever you are typing onscreen, then this NoDictation jailbreak tweak would prove to be just the thing that you need.
Now if you have the New iPad, or the iPad 3 as it is unofficially known, you can do this from the settings menu,  but for disabling dictation on the iPhone 4S, you would need a jailbroken iPhone and  have to install the NoDictation jailbreak tweak.
Watch this video For Nodictation :
NoDictation has been made available for free and you can download it of the Cydia BigBoss repository. If you have a jailbroken iPhone then you can just install it to remove dictation button from the onscreen keyboard. Or you can take a look at our easy to follow jailbreak guides to jailbreak your phone if you haven’t done so already.