Saturday, June 2, 2012

iOS 6 Will Support New Amazing Feature According Board

Well, we are few weeks away from holding the big event of Apple, as Apple intends to release iPhone 5 on next few weeks. This big event will be held in San Francisco. Two days ago we reported for you that Apple confirmed it’s keynote at WWDC which will made at San Francisco. According to news which have spread over websites and blogs, all signs indicates that iOS 6 will support new amazing hidden feature. Read more after the jump. 

Too many great features and sources are discovered in the new operation system for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. My sources has deep connections at Apple and has historically proven accurate and in the know when it comes Apple’s in-house projects. So let us see what are these big stuffs that is going to take place at iOS 6
First thing I would like to tell you not to expect iOS widgets in the iOS 6. And that’s kind of a bad hit for almost all the Apple users as too many people are using the widgets on their Apple devices so I thought to share this point with you my dear followers.. Now let us talk about the home-screen as Apple said to it’s sources “iPhone home=screen will be the same and there is no changes in it”
And for the final disappointment, I pressed this person to come clean on the enhanced Maps app with awesome 3D view, based on declassified missile targeting. Specifically, I wanted to know whether Apple had finally addressed turn-by-turn navigation concerns.
Now let us talk about the Google Maps.. We already told you that Apple will make it’s own maps services and ignore Google maps services but it will be a 3D-Maps which will have a better display for the buildings, waters and etc.. “Maps is completely leaked out”, my source quipped. “Nothing more to add”

Now my dear users I want you to hold your breath because there is some good surprises are on its way.. Apparently “there is much cooler stuff coming” but the sources are saying don’t expect too much changes in terms of iOS services..
Instead, some “really big stuff” is to be expected in just about every stock iOS app, each holding major surprises and much improved capabilities. The sources are saying that you will not feel any changes in iOS 6 until you launch any app
Apple apparently re-wrote iOS apps from the ground up, tapping a few new capabilities in iOS 6 to deliver groundbreaking enhancements.“You’ll be surprised”, I was told as the source re-assured a skeptic inside me that “you’ll find the update worth it”.
Also This person has also corroborated reports that both Camera and Photos apps are in for some notable, long-expected upgrades.
Here’s what was mentioned by one of the sources:
Lots of stuff, across the board. You could say iOS 6 at least matches iOS 5 in terms of new capabilities. Both are similar in breadth of feature additions.
And here’s a message for the iPad 3 owners:
iPad 3 owners will find the iOS 6 update well worth it.
This, in turn, has led me to believe that iOS multitasking could actually get a much-needed boost, presumably much in the same way Notification Center in iOS 5 had improved upon pretty Spartan notification management capabilities of iOS 4. So what do you think about these great features it looks great right ?! Well probably we are going to see more features on it’s way