Thursday, June 7, 2012

iPhone 5 Back Cover With [ Video ]

Well, a lot of rumors have spread these days about iPhone 5. We reported you about the rumor which claims that iPhone 5 will support HD FaceTime. Today we got a new amazing news from the folks at 9to5Mac which claims they have got a video hand on with the purported next generation of iPhone back cover. Let's see the video after the jump.

A new YouTube video made by ETradeSupply, a third-party parts dealer, the most interesting thing that it looks like they have got their hands on one of these “iPhone 5″ back covers.

Watch the video Here :

I know that we don’t get out with anything new from this video but I am very sure that right now I have a vision about what will the iPhone 5 will looks like.. Like the size of the screen and the back cover of the iPhone.
Obviously, it’s impossible to confirm the legitimacy of the cover at this time. But we have to admit it’s interesting that a number of these pieces are starting to surface this month remember, The Wall Street Journal said that next-generation iPhone production would start in June. So what do you think ? Looks great right.