Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Native Changes With iPhone FaceBook App Coming Next July

Without any doubt, most of our fans complained of iPhone Facebook app because of huge number of errors with this app. I even don’t use Facebook app on my iPhone. But it looks like that everything is going to be changed because Facebook is building a new completely blazing fast Facebook app for iPhone which said it will be released next month. Let's check more about the app after the jump.

The changes will affect the underlying technology rather than the user interface or the feature set. According to Nick Bilton, writing for the New York Times, has it from two unnamed Facebook engineers that a completely rebuilt Facebook for iOS app is coming next month:
Facebook has completely rebuilt its iOS application to optimize for one thing: speed… Many of the components of the current version of the Facebook app are built using HTML5, a Web-based programming language… The current version of the app is essentially an Objective-C shell with a Web browser inside.
It also said it will be fast as light speed, I can’t imagine what it will looks like but I hope it be a great Facebook iOS app, because really Apple users are confused from what Facebook is bringing:
When it comes to speed, this is like putting the engine of a Smart Car in the body of a Ferrari. Applications that are predominantly HTML5 render most of the components of an app as a Web page, pulling images and content from the Web directly into the application.
Objective-C takes the opposite approach, taking full advantage of the hardware in the iPhone and then building most of the functionality directly into the application so it has to collect less information from the Web.
Are you still using Facebook app for iPhone until this day or you gave up ?