Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Apple Is Competing Google On a Patent For A Face Identification On Videos Like Google Glass

Well, faces identification is a new patent falling on Apple company today. Google keep some secrets and privacy out of those clips through a just published patent application. This technique are depending on video frames which determining clusters of face representation for referred persons on videos. It depends on indicating what subject looks like from many different angles. Let's read more about this subject after the jump.

Also Google are adding names attaching with faces whenever they appear on the clip. This technique can identify person's faces from any angle and in any lightening conditions. 

This tool is very amazing which allows YouTube users to spot people on videos and viewing their names as soon as they appear. This wearing glass which Google presents will give you the ability to identify any one and never loss people. 

Apple adopts this technique also that is now under the test and search between engineers and researchers hands in company. This category is that a patent granted to Apple today falls into. It’s entitled “Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays” and it centers around techniques for projecting an image onto the eyes of a user via a viewable display. Much in the way that Google’s Project Glass appears to work.

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