Saturday, July 21, 2012

Download iSounds Tweak To Create Your Custom Sound Effects & Fix Sound Problems [Free Tweak]

Well, if we look forward to cellphones, sound customization has taken a backseat. Sound customization and sound system is one of the most features that lack sorely on iOS. So, it was an urgent need to a new jailbreak tweak as iSounds to fix sound customization and lets you create your custom sound effects on your iDevice. Let's check more about this tweak after the jump.

iSounds jailbreak tweak gives you the functionality regarding sound customization that seems to lack in iOS. While some may argue that one can use themes which have their own customized UI sounds, the fact is that most have inflexible options and would nowhere allow the level of customization that iSounds would give you when it comes to tweaking iOS 5 UI sounds.

And when I say a lot, I really mean it. iSounds jailbreak tweak would let you literally tweak sounds for almost every UI action. You could have your own customized sounds play for whenever you launch an app, Slide the lock-bar when you unlock your iPhone, opening folders, customized sounds for buttons and a whole lot more.

Now jailbreak tweaks like iSounds have the potential for having their own off-sprung add-on packs, because such is the nature of such jailbreak tweaks. That is because of the degree of customizations they offer, and people use that to create an even more personalized experience. There are a few sound profiles that already available in Cydia that you can download, but expect to see more in the coming days.
While iSounds is still in Beta, it worked quite well on our jailbroken iPhone 4S. So if you are looking to add some extra flare to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, iSounds jailbreak tweak is the right tweak for you. 
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