Sunday, July 15, 2012

How To Change Your Time Screen And Add Weather To Lock Screen On Your iPhone [ Video ]

Well, if you have iPhone and you would like to change your time screen and make it impressive, you can download LockWee tweak from Cydia which will let you to change the tradition screen of time and will add weather to lock screen too. Let's see LockWee on the video below.

LockWee is a tool which actually adds a widget to your lock screen’s display exactly at the same place where the digital clock resides. It gives you an option to slide the clock and to replace it with a widget. You can also lock this swap thing simply by double tapping either the clock display or widget display. Moreover, it has four different widgets which replace your clock display i.e. LocationHolic, QuickPlayer, StockWeeApp and WeatherNotifications. It goes as the same way you want it to be, so you can choose one from the aforesaid widgets or use all of them together.

Watch This Trial Video For LockWee On iPhone :

In case your iDevice runs off the virtual memory, you can disable it easily from or can switch off or on any of the other options like Widgets shadow, boarder etc. This tweak is awesome enough to be grabbed at once but this jailbreak tweak doesn’t work finely with intelliScreen X.
Download LockWee From Cydia > BigBoss repo For $0.99