Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How To Charge Your ( iPhone / iPod / iPad ) Wirelessly [ Video ]

Previously, when iOS 5 was released, it was very amazing to surf itunes wirelessly with your iPhone, iPad and iPod. In this post we will show you how to charge your idevice wirelessly with video and this is the surprise. Considering this video, this amazing technology will let your charge your iPhone without a cord and this is an amazing idea to be introduced in the next gen iPhone. Let's check the following video which explains how to charge your idevice wirelessly in step by step guide.

Charging your iPhone wirelessly is an easy task whereas developing it for that is quite a risky thing. Or it is as dangerous as damaging your iPhone permanently and voids your warranty. Try it only when you can afford this risk but if you follow the guidelines according to the video guide you will end up with perfectly charging iDevice.

Important Notes :
  • Pin 16 is 0v or ground
  • Pin 23 is +5v
  • Pin 25 is Data-
  • Pin 27 is Data+

How To Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone :

Before you continue, what you need is special expertise and techniques about electric circuits as well as the soldering knowledge. In addition to it, a spare charging assembly, an extra iPhone’s back cover and a very thin gauge wire and a wireless charger circuit like one used in this video
You can get all that from from here.