Saturday, July 28, 2012

How To Install Apps On Your iPhone Without Typing Password Every Time

Previously, Apple has released iOS 6 for developers with a lot of amazing features. We have showed you how to upgrade to iOS 6 without developer account and without UDID. Every time you are trying to install new apps you need to type password and we know it is boring. So we will show in this post how to install apps without typing password every time. Let's check the guide after the jump.

How To Download Apps Without Password :

Entering your Apple ID password every time you download an app from the app store was quite annoying, at least for some of us. I have always wanted to know why it’s required? Why couldn’t I make the device remember it? Well, some might say to prevent any one who can get access to your device from spending your money purchasing apps you don’t need. Well, Apple has just found the right solution for the problem as Reddit says that in iOS 6 Beta 3 password isn’t required when downloading free apps. Only required with paid ones.