Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Quickly Boot Your iPhone With [ Video ]

Everyday, thousands of tweaks are released on Cydia. Most of these tweaks are free. Some tweaks totally have an amazing idea behind them while some are the modified forms of the other tweaks. Earlier this morning, we got our hands on a tweak which is modified form of many other tweaks and the idea behind all of them is the same to add different functions to boot your iDevice. Let's check the tweak after the jump.

MultiBoot allows you to enter into the safe mode, to re-spring your iDevice, to turn it off or reboot it. It works by adding a simple and appealing icon to your springboard with an as easy to access approach. 

As you tap the icon of MultiBoot, it – instead of going into some program – opens a window right on your Homescreen and gives you all four above-mentioned options to choose from without any load.
Watch This Trial Video For MultiBoot :

MultiBoot works very smoothly, give it a try today. It is available at Cydia Store under BigBoss repo without any charge.  And Share your thoughts about this little yet useful tweak.