Monday, July 23, 2012

iPhone 5 Is Manufactured Now In China

 Well, in accordance to Digitimes iPhone 5 production has already started in china and we will show you leaked picture for real design of iPhone 5 but after the following jump.

Producing a model with it's real design with 4 inch display on the left and iPhone 4S on the right 
Pegatron has begun production of a new version of the Apple iPhone at its factory in Shanghai, eastern China, according to industry sources in Taiwan.
Few weeks ago, Japanese blog reported that iPhone 5 already in production, on the other hand BGR sources confirming that iPhone 5 is still in an engineering verification test.
Anyway, there is no official word from Apple so far because of the extreme secrecy surrounding any new product from Apple. But all latest rumors are confirming that iPhone 5 will carry 1GB of RAM as well as both LTE and NFC support.