Monday, July 16, 2012

Leaked Parts For iPhone 5 [ ScreenShots ]

Nowadays, iPhone 5 has the largest share of rumors. iPhone 5 launch is the most awaited event. We all can't hardly wait for releasing iPhone 5. According to many webs and blogs and as confirmed previously, iPhone 5 will be released by this upcoming October. In this post we will show you some leaked parts for next generation of iPhone. Let's see the images after the jump.

We have already broken out much news about the release of next gen iPhone. However, earlier today, KitGuru has come up with a case which reflects the shape and design of the most awaited iPhone 5.   Beside the shape of the iPhone, the sample shows the evidence of reduced thickness of iPhone alongside of larger size of LCD display.  They claim, “a pre-release test sample so its safe to say it will be ‘cleaned up’ for the retail release”.

Other than the evidence of thickness and larger sized display, this case from KitGuru shows many other proofs of the changes that Apple is going to bring about including much smaller size of dock connector and other peripheries.