Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mini iPad Will Be Manufactured In Brazil Next September [ Report ]

Well, we have reported you previously about mini iPad which will have 7:8 inches screen display. It's expected that Apple will release mini iPad at the end of this year. Let's check latest news about mini iPad at the following lines. One of the Japanese blogs Macotakara has reported that these mini iPad will be produced in Foxconn’s new manufacturing facilities in Brazil. However, this production will start in September. Let's read the full report that was produced by Macotakara after the jump.

As reported in Japanese blog Macotakara that :

The tablet called iPad mini will be produced in Brazil, however production test to collect data for new cutting machine is already done in China. Source said that, production phase of this tablet will be started since September, and this tablet should be shipped until holiday season, but announcement will not be so soon.
One of our other sources told us that the thickness of the mini iPad will be same as that of iPod Touch.  This actually fits in the frame of 7.2mm thin or almost as thinner as  Amazon’s Kindle Fire around 11.43mm. The WallStreet Journal as well as Blommberg both have drawn a figure of display size of about 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. This resolution fits best with the resolution of the 1st generation iPad. However, the Japanese blog also claimed that this next generation iPad mini will support 3G cellular technology which is not supported in Amazon’s Kindle fire and Google’s Nexus 7.