Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[ Rumors ] Apple Will Release iWatch Touch This Year [ Images ]

As known, big number of rumors are spread everyday. iPhone 5 and iPad had the largest share of rumors nowadays. We have reported you about mini iPad and iPhone 5. Guys at 9to5mac released an amazing concept about the iWatch . We have collected some images for iWatch after the following jump.

A Swedish guy Anders Kjellberg made this concept amazing iWatch concept with totally needed functions in it. According to the rumors, iWatch will have a mini camera at front for Face time and video Calling, Retina display which is already present in all latest iDevices and even the Bluetooth technology 4.0 for connecting your headphones with your watch.

This list of amazing features doesn’t end here, this concept iWatch also has 16GB built in memory, Wi-Fi charging, accelerometer and proximity sensor. But there are something which just seem impossible just like the 8 megapixel iSight camera with 1080p recording functionality. As the concept shows this amazing watch will also have a proper OS just like iOS on iPhone. Moreover, it will also feature the iTunes store and the amazing Apple Maps.
This iWatch is so amazing and we can't hardly wait for releasing such as this watch. We hope that these rumors are true. We will wait and see the truth about it over next days. 

Let's See These Images For iWatch : 

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