Thursday, August 30, 2012

Apple Pays $345 For Old iPhone 4S In Recycling System & This Ensures That iPhone 5 Coming Very Soon

Two weeks separate us from Apple big event of releasing iPhone 5. Apple has started its recycling system by which it will pay you maximum amount of $345 for an iPhone 4S. This news ensure that Apple will release iPhone 5 very soon. Read more about the topic from here below.

According to this news, Apple is willing to pay you $285 for 16GB slightly used Black iPhone 4S. The amount will be paid in the form of the gift card. However, you can get $345 for a slightly used iPhone 4S 64 GB model. Why Apple will buy these Smartphones, they will probably be used in warranty claim or Apple can destroy them for recycling purpose. The main idea behind this scenario is not cleared yet however it points us towards that Apple wants its consumers to be ready for the release of the next iPhone 5.
What do you think? Does your iPhone 4S 64 GB model really worth $345 only? Well there are many other websites on which you can sell your iDevice doubles the amount of what you are getting from Apple. Even the Amazon is offering $500 for slightly used iPhone 4S 64GB. However, there is another back door; you can even sell your iPhone on EBay or another similar website.