Friday, August 31, 2012

How To Show Apps' Download Percentage On iPhone

Today, new amazing tweak appeared in Cydia store. This tweak is called Appcent. It will add a small percentage value just under the app icon while it’s installing on your iPhone. This tweak is very little and is particularly useful when you have to download the large sized games and heavy applications such as iPhoto or iMovie. This tweak is free. Let's check the trial video below for this app. 

Appcent is very simple and doesn’t have any settings or options to configure it. Simply download this tweak from Cydia Store and it will automatically show percentage under the app icon on the app which is being downloaded at that time. We already know that when we are downloading an app from App Store, a status bar is shown indicating the percentage of downloading app but using this tweak, you will see additional percentage numerical value which will give you a more precise idea.
Download AppCent App from app store For free

Watch The Following Video For AppCent :