Saturday, August 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Concept Based On 3D Render [ Video ]

Since a long time, Apple's next product " iPhone 5 " was the talk of the town and still until now. Huge number of rumors have spread but the closest rumor to the truth is that iPhone 5 will be released next September. In this post we will show you expected concept of iPhone 5 based on 3D render of the device.  

We all have seen leaked images of various components of the device and it seems that creative people have taken these leaked images and other rumors to show us what the device might look like. The beautiful 3D render which we are talking about has been created by the folks at TechRadar and it’s based on the leaked information regarding the device. Take a look at the video which shows the 3D render in 1080p.
The Best Video For iPhone 5 Rumors, Concept & News:

From the video you can see that it puts emphasis on the new dock connector which will be featured at the bottom the new iPhone. You can also see the headphone jack that has been relocated. The speaker grill featured in the device looks quite unique. The FaceTime camera can be seen at a more central location if you look at the top of the device. The dimensions of the device are: 7.6mm in thickness and around 123mm in length. The back panel looks interesting as it’s been created from a two-tone aluminum alloy.