Saturday, August 4, 2012

iPhone 5 Expected Design & Predicted Size [ Video ]

Without any doubt, iPhone 5 is the most awaited device these days. We can't hardly wait for it's launch. It is expected that iPhone 5 will support larger screen, thinner thickness, smaller dock and more amazing features. In this post we will show you expected design and predicted size of upcoming iPhone 5 with screenshots attached with a video indicating iPhone 5 front glass lens. Let's check them after the jump.

All of such questions are answered in a video comparison, ETrade supply has posted a video comparison of front panels of both iPhone 4S and the next-gen iPhone 5. According to the source, the diagonal length of the next-gen iPhone will be 4.065 inch which confirms that it will have 16:9 aspect ratio. According to the posted video, the iPhone 5’s home button will be smaller as compared to the current iPhone 4S. However, it also shows that the front camera is placed over the earpiece.

The other important factor is the thickness of the iPhone 5. Current, iPhone 4S front panel has a thickness of 1.01 mm but the iPhone 5 front glass’ thickness will be only 0.91 mm. The difference of 0.1 mm will make the device thinner as compared to previous version. Moreover, the top-secret behind this thin front glass panel is the use of in-cell technology which actually eliminates a layer and will impregnate the touch sensor into LCD and hence the device will be thinner.
Apple will probably reveal iPhone 5 in the second week of September [12thSeptember] while the official release date is said to be the 21st September. What do you think about this change in iPhone 5?