Thursday, August 9, 2012

iPhone 5 Latest Leaked Images

Well, we are few steps away from iPhone 5 release. Every day we get thousands of rumors and news about next generation of iPhone. Let's check latest leaked images for iPhone 5 but after the jump.

iPhone 5 Leaked Images :

With many leaked images, videos, analysts’ opinion, but none of them showed that how the next iPhone will look in your Hands? Thanks to French blog who has posted alleged photos of the next iPhone explaining that how it will look in your hands. The photos are pretty neat and the iPhone looks amazing too. Both the black and white colors immersed in the double tone look so much amazing that it becomes really difficult to select the appropriate color for you.

We have posted some images at the end of this post, however you can check out the complete gallery of all images of iPhone 5 from this link. In case you don’t know it, Apple will unveil iPhone 5 alongside of completely redesigned iPod Touch, iPad mini and the Apple TV on 12th of September but it will be released on 21stSeptember.