Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pod2G To Unlock iPhone 4S

Today, pod2g the well known hacker behind Absinthe jailbreak has started working on iPhone 4S basebands to get it's unlock. You must preserve your basebands before upgrading your iPhone not to lock it. The only solution left at that time is the carrier unlocking or you will have to stick to that specific carrier. Ultrasn0w has been widely used in
unlocking iPhones since long time. But we don’t have a proper unlock for iPhone 4S except the Gevey SIM and  SAM ticket, which was available only for some few days.
However, curious to know what did the hacker said about this on-going work? Here’s a tweet by Pod2g;
As some have found, I am playing with the baseband. Already found a non-exploitable DoS. I hope I can find more stuff. 

Pod2g was the guy who started working for iOS 5 Jailbreak and he was successfully able to release Absinthe Jailbreak tool both for iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.1.1. with the help of Chronic Dev team. So, we also believe that he will able to find an unlocking solution for iPhone 4S basebands. Are you thinking that why suddenly the hacker has started working for hacking of iPhone 4S basebands. The story lies behind the money, TippingPoint DVLabs Pwn2Own competition will be held in September, will give a prize 100,000 to the hacker who will find an exploit to hack the iPhone 4S basebands.  Behind this good news, there is a bad one as well, if the developer will find the exploit, it will not be like normal software unlock because Pod2g is using the network to find the exploit instead of the iPhone itself.