Sunday, September 9, 2012

All iPhone 5 Expected Features In One Post

We Can't hardly wait for the four days that separate us from the big event of releasing iPhone 5. We know that the last period there were big number of rumors about iPhone 5. We collected the most believable rumors about the next generation of iPhone in this post. Let's check expected features here below.

Larger Screen & thinner Display :

One of the most believable features is the larger screen which is desperately needed in the next-gen iPhone 5. Current, iPhone has 3.5” display but it is believed that iPhone 5 will have 4.0” display. However, according to different use, Apple will use the in-cell technology to make the iPhone 5 thinner.

LTE Technology :

LTE is one of the fastest Mobile internet technologies and Apple is rumored to introduce the LTE in iPhone 5 just as it did in the iPad new. We have also seen the image of iPhone 5 logic Board.

Five Rows Of Apps :

As Apple will increase the screen size of iPhone 5, we also believe that Apple will increase the number of rows of Apps on iPhone 5. They will surely be 5 instead of the native 4 rows in iPhone 4 and 4S.

Smaller Dock Connector :

According to report first published by iMore, Apple will introduce the smaller dock connector with 9 pins. This rumor was further confirmed by many famous Weblogs such as Tech crunch, 9to5mac, Macrumors and even WSJ.

New Headphone :

As we have already posted that a Vietnam site leaks the iPhone 5 earbuds which are completely redesigned and better as compared to previous earbuds. According to the source, Apple will also manufacture these earbuds in Foxconn at Vietnam.

Nano Sim Card :

Leaked images of Nano Sim cards and their supply to different vendors by T Mobile gives us a clear idea that iPhone 5 will be the first device to have Nano SIM Card. The other reason is that Apple wants to make the iPhone thinner and also wants to prevent Gevey SIM Card unlocking solution.

Next Generation Of iPhone And It's Name :

Many folks are confused about the Apple’s sixth generation iPhone name; some think that it will be iPhone 5 while others believe on the new iPhone. However, this thing is pretty cleared by the invitations. You can clearly see the shadow of “5” down the Event’s date.