Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jailbreak iOS 6 Running On iPhone 5 Done

Yes it is real, iPhone 5 has been jailbroken and Cydia is available now on it's screen. According to Chpwn, he has tweeted an image for a jailbroken iPhone 5 as shown below. This is considered to be the fastest jailbreak this year.  

The following coversation including on iPhone 5 jailbreak between ion1c and Chpwn. iPhone hacker ion1c asked him that weather it is Jailbroken or you have just compiled the Cydia? Chpwn replied that it is ( JAILBROKEN ) but he didn’t announce whether it’s a tethered jailbreak for Phone 5 or untethered jailbreak. 

This is snapshot of the conversation :

So, you will be able to jailbreak iPhone 5 officially very soon. We remind you that you can jailbreak iOS 6 on all A4 devices with redsn0w in this step by step guide.

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