Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Last Leaked Images For iPhone 5

Only one day separate us from releasing the sixth generation of iPhone. According to iMore, we got some leaked images for smaller dock of iPhone and even they were the first blog to tell about the wider iPhone 5. The guys over iMore were working hard last days to cover all iPhone 5 news as possible. Read more below. 

So, believing on the previous evidences, we are looking towards the future rumors of the iPhone 5 by this weblog. They have posted the high quality images of the iPhone 5 dummy which looks exactly like the previously leaked iPhone in Germany and Taiwan. According to the leaked information, iPhone 5 will have double toned background which looks the amalgam of the Mac Book Pro’s uni body designs and iPad’s metal.

Until now, we are pretty sure about a larger iPhone (4.0” scree) and thinner body due to in-cell technology, improved RAM probably 1GB, relocated Facetime camera, headphone jack and the most important, smaller dock connector. That’s enough for now, let’s wait and watch that what the Fruit company will reveal tomorrow.