Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Download Camera Fix App To Fix iPhone 5 Pics Purple Haze [ Guide ]

Most of our fans are asking How to Fix iPhone 5 Pics Purple Haze ? Apple has answered this question by releasing the wonderful Camera fix app which will fix iPhone 5 Pics Purple Haze. iPhone 5 has an excellent 8 MP camera which takes brilliant photos that can finally challenge Point-And-Shoot cameras. Let's check more details about this amazing app " Camera Fix App " from here below.

How To Use Camera Fix App To Fix iPhone 5 Pics Purple Haze :

Apple has also included a Sapphire Crystal Lens in the iPhone 5’s camera which is apparently being used as an outer element of the lens as a protective cover but apparently that one feature has backfired, because the Sapphire Lens is leading to some purple haze issues when photos are taken in brightly-lit places.
A new app called Camera Fix has now appeared in the App Store which claims to fix this issue.
Camera Fix, as the name points out, fixes the iPhone 5 camera pics and removes the purple haze present in those pics. Note that it does not fixes any camera settings or stuff to remove the purple haze but it actually fixes the pictures by altering the photos and eventually, reducing the purple haze.
Here is a photo comparing both the pics, the left one without using Camera Fix and the right one using Camera Fix.

How to Download Camera Fix :

Camera Fix is available for $0.99 on the App Store. Although not worth the buck because the only thing it does is reduce the glare but if you’re that person who is seriously annoyed by the purple haze, then this one is for you.