Monday, November 5, 2012

All You Need To Know About Mini iPad With [ Videos ]

Apple has released iPad mini 4th generation officially. Some friends were luck to get their pre-orders for the new tablet. In this post we will show you a lot of videos for unboxing iPad mini 4th generation. Let's check the videos after the jump.

iPad Mini Unboxing Videos Officially :

iPhoneHacks has just uploaded the unboxing video of their own iPad Mini. According to the initial impression with Apple’s tablet, they felt it to be quite a solid and pretty light device along with Apple’s leading app ecosystem.
iPhoneHacks iPad mini unboxing
iPhoneHacks iPad 4th Generation unboxing
TechnoBuffalo, another popular tech blog, has also uploaded the unboxing videos of an iPad Mini along with the 4th Generation iPad,
TechnoBuffalo iPad mini
TechnoBuffalo iPad 4th Generation
Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog, a blog dedicated to covering everything about Apple from Mac to little iOS tweaks, excitedly posted the unboxing video of his iPad Mini and the 4th Generation iPad.
iDownloadBlog iPad mini
iDownloadBlog iPad 4th Generation
The iPad Mini looks to be a gorgeous tablet and probably another stellar devi