Monday, November 5, 2012

iPad Mini Jailbreak On iOS 6 Done

After releasing iPad mini, jailbreaks were working very hard and very fast to jailbreak the new tablet and the have already succeeded to do it but this jailbreak won't be available for public soon as usual. MuscleNerd is calling this a [ failbreak ], a term used for that type of jailbreak which is only reserved for developers so they can find new exploits with it for developing untethered jailbreaks. Let's read more about the jailbreak status until now.

iPad mini Jailbreak On iOS 6 Done :

MuscleNerd has just uploaded a photo from his twitter handle, @MuscleNerd of a jailbroken iPad Mini along with a caption saying,
“the “failbreak” from @phoenixdev @chpwnin action on an iPad-mini :)  (why failbreak? see@planetbeing‘s timeline)”
You can have a look at his tweet below,
Just a few days ago, MuscleNerd also managed to bypass iPhone 5’s security and jailbreak it but it was reserved as a failbreak, and this time too, MuscleNerd has used the same exploit to jailbreak the iPad Mini.

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