Sunday, December 2, 2012

Five Defects Afflict iTunes 11

We have reported you with iTunes 11 which support tons of new features. One of the most important features is that iTunes 11 compatible with all jailbroken idevices. Apple has redesigned itunes with new updates and features that take you forward to what is better but unfortunately there is still some gaping holes and troubles that afflict the new iTunes 11. We summarized these holes in 5 features. Let's check these features after the jump. 

Five Features You Will Miss With iTunes 11 :

  • Music Subscription Service :
iTunes was the best source of music a few years ago and still is for many, but the advent of music subscription services like Spotify and Pandora have now changed a lot. For as little as $10/month, these music subscription services allow you access to millions of songs.

iTunes Match Web Player :

iTunes Match is a cloud service for storing your music and costs a hefty $25 per year. Even with that, the only way to listen to your cloud-stored music is by using iTunes on a desktop or an iOS device. So if you decide to switch over to Android or Windows Phone, then better say goodbye to all of your music.

Better Music Discovery In iTunes :

iTunes really sucks when it comes to discovering new music. All the music in “Listeners Also Bought” portion is not helpful at all. Apple certainly needs to think out another way for music discovery.

Better Social-Integration :

Twitter and Facebook sharing features just made it through to iTunes but they really are not as useful as they could be. All you can do is just share your music from iTunes Store as there is no way to have a look at what your friends are sharing within iTunes.

Separate iTunes Store From The iTunes App :

The iTunes app just mixes up the iTunes Store right into all your currently owned music and stuff, resulting in a confused experience. It would certainly be better if the iTunes Store is separated from iTunes itself.